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Thread: Leo Files - "Open With..." and Default Icon

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    Default Leo Files - "Open With..." and Default Icon

    This is so minor. Please pardon me.

    It's easy enough for a user to create a .leo file and set it to always "Open With..." /opt/leo/

    After making this association, I wanted to have the nice Leo, lion icon for the filetype. After a little research, I did this, and it works:

    ~# cp /opt/leo/leo/Icons/leoapp32.png /root/.kde3/share/icons/nuvoX_0.7/32x32/mimetypes/
    ~# nano /root/.kde3/share/mimelnk/application/leo.kde.desktop
    [Desktop Entry]
    I saved leo.kde.desktop. Then, in Konqueror, I navigated to a folder containing a .leo file. The icon was set. The last thing I had to do was reset the leo file's association to always "Open With..." /opt/leo/ All was good.

    --Edit: I'm an idiot. Should have posted in BackTrack Fixes. Apologies.
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