There are several posts on how to fix this and that on all releases of BT, however, for the newbie its a tad easier if we can just create one script that will take care of it all. I just put it on my netbook this morning and I'm going through forums and google searches and trying to put it together. Obviously this is going to take some time, because I make sure to reboot the machine each time I make a change to ensure it stuck. If the community could help out to create this script that would be awesome.

For starters:

##BT5R1 quickfix script version 0.0.1
##written by: the awesome helpful linux community

##I prefer mysql bc i use it for other apps as well. If anyone can remove postgres w/o fubar (its not list in dpkg) please add

read -n1 -p "Get MySQL going and NULL root password? Note: Please change your root sql pass. (Y/n) [default=YES]" add_mysql
case "$add_mysql" in
y|Y|"") apt-get -y install mysql-client mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev; service mysql start; mysqladmin -u -p'toor' password ''; echo 'Please select Ruby1.8 in Auto mode - hit ZERO'; update-alternatives --config ruby; gem install mysql;;
n|N|*) echo ""; echo "Skipping MySQL";;

read -n1 -p "Autostart MySQL on boot? (Y/n) [default=YES]" add_mysql_startup
case "$add_mysql_startup" in
y|Y|"") sed -i 's/exit\ 0/#exit\ 0/g' /etc/rc.local; echo 'service mysql start'>>/etc/rc.local;;
n|N|*) echo ""; echo "Skipping MySQL Autostart";;

read -n1 -p "Remove Postgresql? (Y/n) [default=YES]" clean_pgsql
case "$clean_pqsql" in
y|Y|"") echo 'I need help since dpkg doesnt report its installed';;
n|N|*) echo ""; echo "Skipping PostgreSQL cleanup";;