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Thread: How to have airmon-ng log any station that connects to an AP?

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    Default How to have airmon-ng log any station that connects to an AP?


    I am monitoring an AP that has MAC filtering on but there isn't much traffic. Is there a way to have airmon-ng log the MAC addresses of any station that associates with the AP and avoid sitting in front of BT waiting for traffic?

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Default Re: How to have airmon-ng log any station that connects to an AP?

    First, airmon-ng is there to put your card in monitor mode. You probably meant airodump-ng. (I assume.) Second, if this is wpa, then just listen anyway to get the handshake. the client will be included in there, but you have to use a separate program to get it out for you, i think. I suggest elcomsoft distributed password cracker. You don't need to crack the password, the client mac will be displayed anyway. If this is WEP then theres a tool that'll do it for you.
    I looked through the script and im pretty sure this will do it. If not, just edit the loop to sleep and check for clients every once in a while.
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