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Thread: USB External Wireless Card?

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    Default USB External Wireless Card?

    Hi again.
    I feel ashamed because i got this to work before but i guess i forgot what i did last time so i was hoping everyone could help me out.
    I'm using a laptop dual boot xp/bt5
    There is an internal wireless card(but it doesn't have the range i need)
    So i bought a usb wireless adapter Alpha 1 network.

    When i'm in the gui of bt i went to the control panel and checked under USB deviced and sure enough it recognized my USB wireless card as well as my USB mouse, however when i do ifconfig i only get these three


    So i don't see any wlan0 or anything, i assume that one of my eth* is my built in wireless card and when i search for an access point it can't reach one i know it can with the USB external wireless card.

    So how do i get my usb wireless card to work?

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    Default Re: USB External Wireless Card?

    whats an alpha 1 that the alfa? and if it is it should be recognized by bt because the drivers are native. seems weird, is there anyway you can post the specifics of the card or the output of lsusb and airmon-ng? that would be helpful.
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    Default Re: USB External Wireless Card?

    RTL8187 alpha network using realtek software in windows and i bought the extended antenna for it.
    I am going to mess around with airmon-ng a little bit more myself.

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