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Thread: how to run bailiwicked_host or _domain

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    Default how to run bailiwicked_host or _domain

    Hey guys,

    i am a beginner in this topic of IT-Wordl

    I tried to search somethink about my problem, but i wasnt able to find anythink useful stuff.

    my problem:

    i downloaded bt 5 and it runs well in a VM.

    but what are the steps to run this script:


    i tried to run it with this command:
    root@root: ruby /pentest/exploits/framework/modules/auxiliary/spoof/dnsbailiwicked_host.rb

    but it didnt work :
    i think this is the wrong way to run it.

    can u please give me a step by step CLI introduction ?
    i know that i will have to set hostname, srcport but i am not able to run the program to set this parameters.

    maybe u know an other tool, to test the caching dns server of "cache poisoning"

    i do not search for a ARP spoofing attack ! i just want to poison the caching NS with a single A record.

    thank you,

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    Default Re: how to run bailiwicked_host or _domain

    That file is part of the metasploit framework (and can only be used though it).
    A good to guide to start using metasploit can be found here:

    p.s. How did you find that file by the way?!
    Have you...g0tmi1k?

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