to be honest, im a noob here
so i have a netgear wg111v3 i believe the chipset under it is rtl8187(B? not sure)
there has been many SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown Error 132 but i managed to solve that with a simple script
there is also another error of ioctl(SIOCSIWMODE) failed: Device or resource busy error where i had to change the chipset mode from managed to monitor

so after solving all this i was able to find my own house wep key and one of my friends even though the channel is different! and even active injections work!
however, after it worked, i left it on and the computer put it to sleep. i mistakenly pulled the usb wifi out. Now when i plug it in, the computer doesn't even respond, and because the computer does not respond to the card, the Vmware won't detect.

the weird thing is that if i try it on a computer with xp, it will always work after a quick automatic installation. however, when i try with my windows 7 computer, it will work only ONCE. after i unplug and replug, it will do the same, not even detecting nor responding. there is nothing in the device manager so i can't even see the problem on windows 7

so my question is this: what is the problem?
1. Could it be i switched the channel and then turn it off so the computer cant communicate with it?
2. the usb is in the "virtural mode" and is locked there?
3. Because my drive was automatically installed, could that driver not work. i can't find the driver anywhere so i can't uninstall/install it again
4. i have an internal wlan, so is it conflicting with it?
5. could it be the manage vs monitor mode issue?
6. lastly, since i had to change my mac address in BT5 for active injection, could that be messing it up?

I am very confused, it seemed to be such as simple problem but i can't seem to solve it. any help would be greatly appreciated
thank you!