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Thread: Best Backtrack apps or cracking apps

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    Default Best Backtrack apps or cracking apps

    Hello every one,

    I'm trying to find apps to use during cracking attacks on wireless networks.

    So far i used aircrack-ng and pyrit. I also heard that Cowpatty, Kismet are goods.
    I also found out that nmap is a good app for gathering information during an attack.

    Im not hopping to master how to manage an "Network attacks Arsenal", just want to know more about Backtrack, because i just found out recently how to play around with pyrit and aircrack and its cool when you learn how to use a tool.

    So what im asking is if the ppl here in the forum could tell me the apps they prefer work with, like "I prefer pyrit" or "I prefer aircrack-ng, but cowpatty is good also"

    Hope it could help also others who want to learn more about BT5 and Wifi penetest tools.

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Best Backtrack apps or cracking apps

    I think you've partially answered your own question, but I'll add my 2 cents worth The "best" application is pretty depends on your level of skill & preference. For wireless work, I use Kismet for general recon, and use the aircrack suite for detail stuff. I use nmap a lot; it's very versatile & powerful, no matter the network. In terms of password cracking (against hashed passwords), I use rainbow tables.

    If you're really wanting to get some wireless pen-test knowledge, I'd take the course offered at Offensive Security.
    If I could figure out how to scuba dive & hack at the same time, there would be nothing I couldn't do...

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