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Thread: Book about Backtrack 5

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    Hello everyone, i was surfing the net looking for some books about pentest and when i got o i've found a book called "BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide" and i would like to ask if anyone here have seen/read this book and if it is a good book that covers Backtrack Wireless attacks and stuff like that.


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    It is by Vivek Ramachandran, the creator of the wireless security and metasploit megaprimers. Those two series are the best resources (paid or free) I have ever came across on the internet. So, I am sure any book he writes will be golden.
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    It might be worth it to just check out his video tutorials first on SecurityTube to see if you like his teaching style. In fact he already has a list of wireless hacking tutorials: Video Groups

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