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Thread: RTL8187 Problem!!

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    Default RTL8187 Problem!!

    I Installed Backtrack 5 in my Hard drive 4150643026d292717f77ebb83948a034 BT5-KDE-32.iso
    Then at first I can detect wireless networks and when I started using airmon-ng and airodump-ng my the problem started the channel I detected when using airodump-ng is -1 and I can see wireless connection but If I connect to it an error was pop out "password error" something like that but I'm so sure I entered the password correctly.
    And now after searching and tried the possible way to fix this. when I open WICD and try to connect WICD hang.

    Can you help me guys? I'm kinda newbie to Backtrack 5 so I need help from the professionals

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: RTL8187 Problem!!

    where u type the password in the manager u have to select the correct encryption i had this problem too lol

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