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Thread: Connecting to WEP w/ KEY

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    Default Connecting to WEP w/ KEY

    I'm able to successfully connect to my unsecured 2.4 AP with no problem at all (both with dhclient & static IP).

    However, when I put a key on my AP, the ifconfig wlan0 and iwconfig wlan0 LOOKS like I'm associated to the AP w/ the proper key, IP & ESSID, but I get no connection. Even Pinging timesout.

    These are the commands I'm using

    ifconfig wlan0 down
    iwconfig wlan0 essid mynetwork key s:mypw
    ifconfig wlan0 up
    dhclient wlan0


    ifconfig wlan0 down
    ifconfig wlan0
    iwconfig wlan0 essid mynetwork key s:mypw
    ifconfig wlan0 up

    Neither works with the key (but they do work w/ an unsecured network).

    I'll route the route cmd and get a blank display. I figure, "hey, lemme try to add a default gw" so I do:
    route add default gw
    but I get the error msg that the gw is inaccessible.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Connecting to WEP w/ KEY

    try using the connection manager under internet... and when u do tht there should be a drop down menu that says wpa change that to wep or w/e encryption u r using and make sure its the correct 1 or ur password will not work

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    Default Re: Connecting to WEP w/ KEY

    have you tried using wicd and typing in the hex for the wep and connecting that way?

    if you want to use console
    iwconfig wlan0 essid fbi_van
    iwconfig wlan0 channel 6
    iwconfig wlan0 key 000e34567898
    iwconfig wlan0 mode managed

    one other question, when you run dhclient does your card receive an answer from the ap?
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