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Thread: (un)Bootable USB using BT5

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    Default (un)Bootable USB using BT5

    Running from a Toshiba Satellite with an i7 processor, not sure of the motherboard. Bringing up BIOS I have the option to select USB, doing so merely boots from hard disk, without even an error message.

    The selection also looks really odd, it merely says USB: rather than any specific model. Next to ODD It gives the specific model number of the drive, as does it with LAN and HDD. I have tried updating drivers (all are updated) and were updated fully. I have tried using Unetbootin and Linux Live! with nothing working.

    Sure this brand new laptop has the ability to boot from USB?

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    Default Re: (un)Bootable USB using BT5

    will it boot from a live dvd?
    did you try your bootable usb in any other computers to make sure it works ok?
    when you went into bios did you change the boot order to boot usb first?

    seems weird but i have seen a few modern laptops that do not like bootable usb, thats why i tend to just buy a cheapo second hdd and run off password lists and hash tables are too epic for thumbs
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    Default Re: (un)Bootable USB using BT5

    If you changed the boot sequence from the BIOS (F2) and didn't work, try the Quick Menu by pressing F12 instead.
    They were not quite the same on my comp (Asus).

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