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Thread: Files don't save on USB

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    Default Files don't save on USB

    i've installed BT2 on2 my USB stick using the BackTrack 2 USB 4 Win utility, but when i boot into BT i cannot seem to store files properly and when i do they're only temp files. Is this because i need to create another file system in conjuction with BT2?

    Thanks peeps

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    a normal usb live only....files you create are saved /mnt/live/memory/changes

    in this dir you will have a copy of the files you add

    there's a tut for saving changes in a module and then put it in bt/modules dir

    BUT you need to recreate archive each time.....

    not so easy........

    i prefer deal with 2 partitions even on 1 gb key
    basicly here are the steps

    i create 800 MO FAT32 part
    i create another primary part but EXT2

    i ask bt to boot with creating and updating the changes dir on the ext2 part

    you can do this easily with entering a cheat code at boot time
    boot : bt changes=/dev/sdb3
    this will create 2 dirs on the changes partition you created for saving changes

    or better you can rebuild mbr with good kernel append parameter

    hope you understand me...
    ps you can just resize the fat32 my soft have created when installing your usb
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