i have a BackTrack Live USB Install using Unetbootin that i cant get to do anything i get this black screen with a sentence, when i chose the boot loader opion on my laptop or change the bios to boot from the usb first does the same thing i type root then press enter then type toor pres enter then type startx and press enter with no luck, i have looked all over the wiki and how to's, i did check the download and its verified and the numbers mach, i have tried this over and over redoing the usb with a fresh in stall of BT5R1-GNOME-64.iso, i also burned a dvd of this that shows me what im typing and says boot on the left but when i go this way it says somthing about cant find kernal i beleave, i will put a video of me trying to do boot with the usb.

my os is windows 7 home pre and my laptop is a lenovo g575 if that helps any