Hi guys. I'm using win7 x64 host bt5r1 in vmware. vmware setting are 4gig ram, quad core processor. I used to get by with a NAT'ed network and everything was fine. But then I realized that this would not allow me to run programs like armitage or metasploit or ettercap or....... the list goes on... So I switched to a bridged network adapter. At first, everything was great. Meaning the network I had currently connected was shown, and an IP was given. Then when I switched networks, and rebooted my vmware bt5, the new network never came up, and I had no IP. So I tried to replicate the physical network connectivity state. Nothing doing, didn't help. I tried ifup eth0, start networking, and various other commands, nothing helped. In the NAT, everything still works, but when I go to bridged, nothing works; not even my ftp server between win7 and bt5. Please let me know if either my settings for vmware are bad or I'm doing something wrong inside BT5, but help me get my networking up. I kind need it. Thanks.