Information about the Uberharvest tool:

This FREE tool was designed to get a user to enter a website or load a file with many URLs. Once the URL(s) have been entered, the harvest tool crawl through the website (and all the links within that website) searching for valid email addresses. The application can search for email addresses randomly (i.e. @ or the user can chose to search for email addresses for a specific domain (i.e. for the application can search for all email addresses within the website). Then the user can chose to either print the results on the screen or save them into a file. In addition, the application can also be used to search for Mail Exchange (MX) server correspond with each URL that have been found by the application. Then that information can be used to test if the MX server is also an Open-Relay server or not.


This tool was created by Yakov Goldberg for legal penetration testing purposes only. The tools is FREE of charge and must only be used for helping society and improving upon cyber security. That tool (uberharvest) was created to automate and make the life of security professionals a little easier. Thus, this tool MUST NOT be used to harm any entity or cause an damage. Yakov Goldberg does not claim any responsibility for any information that is retrieved by using this tool and any other further reckless or intentional malicious or none malicious attacks that someone might or may attempt to do by using the information gathered from this tool.

To download the latest uberharvest version please type:

root@ubersec$ sudo wget

Once the download is completed run the following line to extract the application and you should be ready to rock!

root@ubersec$ sudo bzip2 -cd uberharvest_2_54.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

You can go to for more information.