Hi guys,
I'm constantly getting the SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown Error 132 when trying to use my Alfa AWUS036H card through Vmware on Mac OSX.

I have been Googling and searching this forum for hours with no luck. It's getting extremely frustrating.

I've tried everything from the rmmod rtl8187, modprobe rtl8187, airmon-ng check kill etc etc..
My card keeps reverting to hard blocked: yes under rfkill list when under the same session after it's been unblocked. How does this happen? I can unblock the card however whenever I go airmon-ng start wlan0 to bring it into monitor mode that seems to kill it and I can't use the airodump-ng mon0 command because the 132 error popsup.

Is there any permanent fix for this error yet? Or what's the best USB wireless adaptor for Backtrack 5 that doesn't have these issues? :\

Thanks in advance