I have just completed an install of BackTrack5 onto a hard drive. I had been previously been using BackTrack4 on hard drive. I have a Dell Latitude E6510.

The problem that I have is that the networking stops working after 12-24 hours of being online. I get a DHCP network address and leave the laptop on and on the network. Sometime the next day or so I try to connect to the internet from the laptop and all connectivity is lost. Checking ifconfig shows a valid IP address and the route table is still valid. But, no network traffic will flow until I do a "/etc/init.d/networking restart" and get a new DHCP lease for the interface. This was exactly the same problem with the BackTrack4 install I had previously been using and was one thing I was hoping was no longer an issue with BackTrack5.

I need this to work properly so the system can perform as an audit machine without losing its network connectivity.