I've had trouble setting up vmware Unity and backtrack 5.For those of you that do not know vmware unity allows virtualized applications to run out of the virtual desktop.I got vmware tools to install but when i run unity it maximizes backtrack instead of minimizing it.If i set it not to minimize the virtual host in unity it still maximizes backtrack.Although unity starts correctly it will not allow backtrack to be minimized in anyway.Everything in unity works right except for that.Does anyone have an idea on how to get it working correctly?

VMWare version:7.1.4 build-385536
VMWare tools version:8.4.6-385536
Host system CPU: AMD Turion(tm) II Dual-Core Mobile M520
Host system RAM: 4096MB
Backtrack virtualized CPU: AMD Turion(tm) II Dual-Core Mobile M520
Backtrack virtualized CPU: limited too one core
Backtrack virtualized RAM: 1024MB