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    I'm having a problem with a program I'm trying to get to run again. It's an old (8 years old) interactive card game, where people play against each other. Now the IP's were hardcoded into the program (which I changed into different ones), but now I have the problem of when logging it, the program hangs, and then nothing.

    I've tried looking at packets on Wireshark, and it sends SQL query is sent to a servers IPC$ share, but the query only contains ;;, and that's it. Specifically it says "\\Servernamehere\sql query ;;".

    There is no other communication on the wire that I see. However, on two of the servers they're running multiply SQL instances, and I do not know which one to run. Is the only real way to figure it out just trial and error? Or is there a smarter way to get the program to tell me which server/database it's trying to connect to?

    Edit: I tried looking for a connection via inet_addr (w32_32.dll), but i can only find it referenced to when it firsts connects to the server. I'm assuming it is possible for the same address in memory to be called again? Sounds plausible, back to the "drawing board"

    Edit2: So the Application Server is connecting to a DSN, but when I go to see what server this DSN is connected to (Windows box, via OBDC), it doesnt have one already saved (as if it has never connected to one before). But now the servers are down, wait time :\
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