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Thread: Bookmarks Gone in BT5?

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    Default Bookmarks Gone in BT5?

    One thing I have always enjoyed is that in earlier versions of BackTrack (I did not use BT4) there were preloaded bookmarks in FF, full of useful tools and resources. I recall Milw0rm (Now 1337day) and others being prominently displayed on the bookmarks bar, as well as categorized bookmark folders filled with a decent amount of links. My question is where did they go? Upon loading BT5 I only see 3 Bookmarks + the SOMA FM Link (Excluding Backtrack's own links). If anyone either has a list of the old preloaded bookmarks or suggestions of their own it would really help me out. I hope this isn't too off-topic for the general forum, but I didn't find a more appropriate sub-forum to post this in.


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