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Thread: Triple Boot Questions and Problems

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    Default Triple Boot Questions and Problems


    I am trying set up my computer to triple boot Windows 7, Ubuntu 11.04 and Backtrack 5.

    My computer has two 500gb hard drives. The first drive has all of my Windows 7 files on it and I would like to leave it untouched. My second drive is what I am trying to tweak. I have been using Linux for a year and only recently gotten into Backtrack. I am not a big fan of grub and would like to only see it if I boot into my second drive. Is it possible to do this? I have been googling away but I guess I am not using the right keywords because I can't find anything that resembles what I am trying to do.

    I want to set up my drive like this.
    40gb Backtrack 5 R1 (KDE-64bit)
    40gb Ubuntu 11.04
    All else Accessible NTFS

    How would I need to partition my drives to be able to install both? I know that Ubuntu 11.04 sees BT5 as another Ubuntu distro and just tries to erase it when trying to install using default settings. And how would I go about installing without grub being installed to my Win 7 drive?

    Another quick question. When I try to install the nVidia drivers for my GTX460m, the nouveau drivers always cause troubles. I get the installer for to start, but I am unable to install because of the nouveau drivers. I will go in a black list the drivers by creating a separate .conf file and then my computer will loop an error and won't let me boot into back track.

    ext2-f2 (loop1):error:ext2_lookup:deleted inode referenced 295017

    I would really like to beable to use my cuda card, but I am unable to install because the nouveau drivers are in my way and I can't disable them.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Triple Boot Questions and Problems

    If you are having problem using default setup, use the manual setup. So, you can create & specify the partitions where you want the respective OS to be installed.

    Also, You can always specify where you want to install grub using the advanced options during installation. Install it on the disk where you have your linux OSes.
    After that, you will have to switch the boot order when you want to boot from you linux disk.

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    Default Re: Triple Boot Questions and Problems

    Hi there, well, first thing, let see the video problem. You need to forget a little bit about windows, in linux is a much powerfull OS, but you need to, lets say "cutom configure it".
    First, you need to get in terminal mode, stop the X, remove the nouveau driver (modprobe -r nouveau or rmprobe nouveau).
    Then uninstall the nouveau drivers( use aptitude purge "nouveau drivers"). Please, substitute "nouveau drivers" for the nouveau driver.
    then blacklist it in the /etc/modprobe/blacklist.conf at the end add this line: blacklist nouveau.
    then you need to enter the directory where your nvidia drivers (that you previously downloaded according to your card model), and run the "" file.
    Then just reboot (type rebbot) or just type modprobe nvidia and then type startx.
    If you are not familiar with linux, just reboot.

    The second question, sure you can boot from the other hard drive, only thing you have to work with the grub...If you are willing to do so,just say it and I'll try to help you,just
    remember, you need to know if second drive (ide2 or sata 2) is hda1..Need to know that info..You would have to look into the grub. see if it is hd0 in Grub, and then your hard drive (windows 7) will be hd1...In the grub, you say the hdx and partition to be added...The thing is this is grub2...I have a hard drive with winXP, Win7, BT4r2, Debian..In 2 hard drives just need to indicate the hard drive and the uuid of partition, in this case the Win7...

    First try to fix your video card and then read a bit about grub2. There is plenty of info, once you are ready, I can help out, because you might need to know some terms...
    Hope it helps
    best of luck.

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    Default Re: Triple Boot Questions and Problems

    The video questions I'm not gunna touch, but here is a quickfix for the boot issue, if u dont want to use grub...

    Remove the windows harddrive

    Install whatever u want to the 2nd harddrive

    replace windows harddrive

    Use BIOS to configure which harddrive boots =)


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    Default Re: Triple Boot Questions and Problems

    Thank you both. I just now got back to check this thread. Before reading this thread I was able to install backtrack the way I wanted.
    I did do what you said snaffu777, but when you remove a drive, all of the drive numbers change. My second drive went from hd1 to hd0 and when I tried to boot again after replacing my windows harddrive I got a looping error that says that it couldn't mount a specific partition.

    To install correctly without install GRUB to your original harddrive, you have to be very careful.
    1. Boot into linux distro with either geparted or have access to internet to run apt-get install geparted
    2. Partition disk to your needs.
    3. Install distro through install manager, using custom partitions
    4. Go to the drive you are intending to install to and the partition you want to install to. Right click and go to options. Set it to your root partition. "/"
    5. Click "forward" and then on the final step go to advanced. You will want to change either if you want to install "Boot loader" or where you want to install it to.
    6. Finish and click install.

    Sorry for the wish-wash walkthrough. It was 2am when I did all of this and I have been up since 7 painting my house.

    During the install I specified that I wanted to install GRUB to hd1 instead of hd0. Worked like a charm. But thank you both for your responses.

    Now to the nouveau drivers. I was able to successfully install the nVidia drivers (x86_64-280.13) but when I try to install pyrit-cuda-0.4.0 it says that it is missing "nvcc"
    I am not really sure where to fix that.
    These are the steps I used to install.
    Quote Originally Posted by 12ud124 View Post
    I have NVIDIA GT 540M CUDA 1 GB

    Try this installation method:
    1. Open terminal
    2. Type prepare-kernel-source
    3. Type cd /usr/src/linux
    4. Type cp -rf include/generated/* include/linux/
    5. Download the driver here
    6. Type chmod +x /[path of your driver restored]/[nvidia driver name]

    Disable nouveau kernel
    1. Open Terminal
    2. Type gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg
    3. Search for vga=791 and insert this script "nouveau.modeset=0" (without quote)
    4. Reboot

    After boot, and enter username and password, DON'T TYPE STARTX! Follow this instruction.
    1. Type cd /[path of your driver restored]
    2. Type ./[your driver installer].run--kernel-spurce-path='/usr/src/linux'
    3. Installation has begin.
    4. After intall your driver, don't forget to update grub.cfg by typing update-grub
    5. Reboot your Lap/PC

    It's work for me. So you can see more effect on your backtrack screen.

    Cheers!!! \m/
    So what exactly do you mean uninstall nouveau? Run those commands and then it will no longer load on boot?

    Another question pertaining to partitioning. How do I create an extended partition? I would like to have more than 4 partitions on my HDD and geparted says to do that I need to create an extended partition.

    Once again, thank you guys so much.

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    Default Re: Triple Boot Questions and Problems

    Dear all,

    Thanks for your kind information above, I have a similar problem, last night I installed BT5 on my computer(have installed win7 and ubuntu11.04), but when I proceed to install the CD image to the hard drive, I have problem in partition(the 5 step ). I donot know what I have done to my /dev/hda1;/dev/hda2;/dev/hda3. when i quit BT5 and reboot, I could not log on to my win7 or ubuntu, I really got confused, what is wrong? can any one help? my Thanks.

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