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Thread: WEP shown as WPA2?

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    Default WEP shown as WPA2?


    I have a weird problem. BT5 has been working great, and I like Gerix. But, when I was showing my friend how to use it (I wanted to surprise him), something weird happened. When scanning, it picks up his network as WEP. I go through the regular fake auth, inject, etc. But, at that time, in the command(?) window, it shows it as WPA2. After I get enough packet and run crack, it fails (hangs at some point). Is this a known bug? I've only used BT5 on my own network and a couple of friends, but this only happens with his network. Any clues on what's going on would be helpful. Thank you.


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    Default Re: WEP shown as WPA2?

    First of all this has really nothing to do with Backtrack.

    Also if your friends network is so strange go ask him what his encryption is.
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