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Thread: Backtrack5 packages listed here

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    Default Backtrack5 packages listed here

    I remember testing a java WiFi tool in Backtrack3 that looked really handy compared to remembering all the aircrack commands.

    The other day I relised how useful it would be to have that tool at hand, just in case in desperate need of connectivity (is there something for android like this...?)...

    ...but I couldn't remember what it was called. So I did a search around and found some people asking for what packages are included. I saw they got responses like `Download it yourself and look`. And the FAQ says there is not list.

    So I download v5 and had a look. The tool I was looking for is no longer included. I guess that might be good for reduced skid use.

    Still, here's a list of packages in version 5 as of 3/9/2011: so you don't have to go through the hassle I did.

    Now to find a copy of v3 to find what that package was called... can anyone remind me?

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    Default Re: Backtrack5 packages listed here

    spoonwep / spoonwpa ?
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    Default Re : Backtrack5 packages listed here

    I agree with nemis, what about spoonwep and spoonwpa ?

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    Default Re: Re : Backtrack5 packages listed here

    To show all repository packages you could simply:

    update the cache
    apt-get update
    and show all what's in cache
    apt-cache search ""
    Also if you read the man of apt-cache you would find how to get additional information of a specific package, to show only installed packages, dependencies and more.

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