Hi all, I'm new to this forum and to BT5, so sorry if I make mistakes.. I'm italian so excuse me for possible language mistakes

I booted BT5 x86 on my HP Pavilion dm-1 from USB and everything is fine: it boots correctly, no problems.

When I try to connect to my AP with WPA2 key i enter the key and it regularly connects without any problems(Signal power at about 90%), but when I try to surf the internet with Firefox it says "Can't connect to the server".

What could be my problem?
By typing 'iwconfig' it shows me my wlan0 interface (the one I use) pluse mon0, mon1 and mon2 (I tried to activate monitor mode and everything worked fine..) do I have to delete them? Does monitor mode have to be activated to be able to surf?
Thank you for your time