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    I am trying to boot BT5r1 from a USB (created by Unebootin). The USB boots fine, I get to the Undbootin splash and select "Default" from the menu and then I get the following error:
    boot: invalid kernel image error
    I can run this in VMWare without an issue but need to run it from a USB drive for now.

    I have searched for a solution everywhere but can't seem to find anything to get this to work.

    Has anybody else come across this problem or have an idea what might be going on? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check the md5sum of the .iso

    If that is a good checksum, then reformat and retry with unetbootin

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    Is the usb flash drive 2GB by chance? I have had several problems with unetbootin not writing out the iso properly to my 2GB flash drive even though unetbootin reports successfully doing the work. I ended up buying new 16GB drives.
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    Have u try the .iso image run by DVD for installing backtrack ? I'm worried if the .iso image was corrupted.

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    Yeah, while I have never seen that particular error, I've had some ridiculous problems with Unetbootin in the past. It would be prudent to check the md5sum of the download -- as others have suggested -- but if the .iso boots fine from VMWare it's probably OK. Sorry I can't offer an particular advise on Unetbootin, but I can offer a alternative route if you continue to have problems -- it worked for me -- check out YUMI

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