Alright. So here's the sit-rep. We have a test scada system that we are working on at my college. I have the privilege playing with it. I'm new to bt and most forms of hands-on security testing. My teacher wants us to see if we can crack the website's login page. I was thinking that maybe hydra would do the trick but has been unsuccessful (assuming I'm using it correctly). Now, I read that Hydra is a "Network Logon" cracker and supports http/https. That would make me infer that it can crack website logins, but more to make me think only the ones that prompt you for your creds instead of an actual login page.

Is this correct? If I'm wrong, does that mean Hydra can do it? If not, which of the programs will (assuming it's possible)?

I've already looked through and searched a summary of each program and only really found a couple that I deemed suited for the task. Needless to say, I've had no luck with any.