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Thread: Escalate privileges not working?

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    Default Escalate privileges not working?

    Hello, I had access to my VM windows 7 sp1 by using Backtrack5 r1 efs_easychatserver_username payload through armitage.

    However i wanted to escalate my privileges to system level but when i launch the command it i get this error on the victims machine

    Im not sure why it would shut down that processor.

    I'd appreciate any help


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    Default Re: Escalate privileges not working?

    Check to see how metasploit elevates privileges in Windows after which check to see if your victim is patched against them.
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    Default Re: Escalate privileges not working?

    I imagine this fails due to UAC. There is an excellent post exploitation script in metasploit which can probably help you out. look into post/windows/escalate/bypassuac. After you initially gain access with the easy chat server exploit you can background that session and run the bypassuac script. once that runs a new session will be opened with user account control disabled and you should be able to escalate your privileges.
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