Hey there guys

As you see i am completely new here on the forum, and almost as new in the Linux systems..

So any solution to my problem would be much appreciated..

im trying to make a danish wordlist with, what i think to be the most common passwords i Denmark (This will not be used for illegal purposes!)

At the moment i have a list containing every danish word and name, with and without Capital first letter.. i would love to add every possible number from 1 to 99 to the end of every word..

Fist of i have been doing some math and it seems the file gonna have a size around 800mb roughly..
But i am not sure..

at the moment the the document contains 625536 word and have the size of 8,1 mb
ill get 99 more of each word.

my math looks like this > 8,1 / 625536 x 61928064 =801.9 (mb) is this correct?

Now if this is true my question is:

How do you make the numbers at the end of each word?

Thank you very much for you help..
and sorry for my English