Hello I boot BackTrack 5 off USB live KDE the chipset is BGN 1x1 HMC. I am having one of the most common beginner problem out there. When first starting the airmon-ng start wlan0 command nothing appears under the those three columns. Chipset Interface Driver. I have installed a lot of intel drivers that everyone says will fix the problem. iw3.0 driver I installed that. Then I followed some guys guide saying to uninstall aircrack run some libssl-dev program but that fell through. Now under compatible chipsets and such that I have searched. I have seen there is almost a fix for everyone of the Intel Centrino wireless cards. One member responds to these threads, with a previous post he made I believe the member's name is Reamer. For some reason however none of the above information has been helpful in fixing this problem. This is my first post I hope I followed the posting guidelines appropriately.

I am not sure if I have provided all the necessary information that will warrant a reply. I am very enthused about using backtrack.