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Thread: Another booting question...

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    Default Another booting question...


    I am trying to install BT5 on an 80GB SSD. [Intel X25-M]

    -Fresh SSD from using "Clean all" from diskpart (from win7 boot disc command line);
    -Boot disc made from BT5 .iso (grub x64) [mdn5 checks good];
    -Booted from Boot Disc, selected 80GB SSD from menu and selected default option to use entire disk;
    -Computer restarts, and changed default boot drive in BIOS to 80GB SSD;
    -Computer displays a blank screen, with a flashing underscore. Screen does not change from this.


    I am running Ubuntu 11.04 from a seperate 60GB SSD. [Patriot Pyro]
    During installation, other HDD's were plugged in (but this should not have affected install)
    I am able to re-create this error following the steps taken above.

    Is this a graphics card issue? Bootloader issue?

    6GB Tri-Channel RAM [Corsair Dominator]
    ASUS 5850TOP GPU
    ASUS Rampege III Extreme mobo

    Intel X25-M SSD - clean
    Patriot Pyro 60GB SSD - Ubuntu 11.04
    Other HDD's formatted in FAT32/NTFS, but currently no M$ OS installed (waiting on newer intel SSD to arrive)

    Edit: It seems my reply is not showing up (3-5hrs)

    SSD transferred to an old INSPIRON 6400 that's been sitting around for a few years. Same boot result, so I think I'm a step closer to ruling out a GPU issue... but from what I've read, it's the integrated graphics cards that mostly seem to cause issues. This laptop uses an integrated GPU.

    I can explore the SSD from Ubuntu, and everything appears to have installed correctly. Perhaps there is something specific I could look for?

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    Default Re: Another booting question...

    Well, I'd say it's safe to assume it's not a graphics card issue since it worked on the LiveCD. I can't really think of anything it could be off the top of my head though. I'll do some digging on Google tonight and see what I can find for you.

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    My next move is to clean/install to the SSD from the Insprion. If this doesn't work, I'll do the same with an extra HDD from the Insprion.

    If solution, will re-test from tower... But I cannot see any way that either of these factors would affect this issue.
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    Default Re: Another booting question...

    This is exactly what my issue is!

    I don't suppose a fix was located/devised?

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