I'm doing a little Pen-Testing using my Laptop, phone (HTC Droid), and Desktop with a Wireless NIC.

When running Wireshark while my HTC Droid and Laptop are unassociated with a wireless network, I'm not picking up any Probes from any of these devices. The only traffic I'm seeing from them are null Broadcast frames that are announcing their presence.

Is there something I'm doing wrong, something I'm unaware of, or are my devices simply not broadcasting networks that are in its PNL (preferred network list) or cached networks?
I'm running BackTrack 5 release (Based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Linux kernel 2.6.38) in a Virtualization.
Yes... I'm setting my Wireless Adapter on Monitor Mode via airmon-ng on my wlan0 (and then sniffing with the mon0 interface created by airmon-ng).
Finally, it is an Alfa AWUS036H Wireless Adapter.

Thanks, Bokeh

P.S. On another note, the only time I see a Probe Request to any particular Access Point is when my laptop is actually associated to that Access Point.