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Thread: Rainbow Tables vs Dictionary

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    Default Rainbow Tables vs Dictionary

    Hello, i have a question that someone else might know the answer but i don't, so i think it still is a good question.
    So im beggining with backtrack, I learned a bit of aircrack-ng suit and so far i can preform dictionary attacks to my router. Well the problem is that as im Portuguese most of the Passwords here will be Portugues names or words, just like my router password, so to preform some tests i change my password to "security" wich is a word that most of the dictionarys contains. Well my last test last 13 hours and then i read about Rainbow Tables. So i would like to know wich one is better agains WPA and where i can find Rainbow Tables if they are better. Thanks

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    Rainbow tables are better but you may want to try precomputed hashes instead. See airolib-ng.

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