I installed Backtrack 5R1 on my Sony 16GB thumb drive using UNETbootin-win-549 with BT5R1-GNOME-32.ISO. I setup my BIOS in the Sony VAIO Laptop, Model, PCG-7192L. The first time I ran Backtrack, it worked without error except I didn't get connected to a wireless access point. I kept getting wrong password errors while setting up the wireless connection manager but my password was not wrong. I had to leave for a meeting so I logged out of Backtrack and shut down my latop. After the meeting I came back to work more with the wireless access point issue. This time when I booted up and selected the "Default" Backtrack 5R1 bootup in the selection list, I get a lop of errors that keeps cycling in numbers that looks like this:

[ 81.937896] EXT2-fs (loop1): error: ext2_lookup: deleted inode refrenced: 176

The loop error keeps changing the numbers in the brackets [] and goes on a never-ending loop. The referenced numbers at the end change too. I even tried to boot up in Safe Mode as well and got the same. My install is 'USB Persistent'.

I checked the MD5 Checksum to make sure the ISO file was not corrupted. the first boot worked as it should.

Any idea what is going on?