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Thread: WiPhire (Modified for BackTrack 5R1)

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    hi....i think all of you know what's WiPhire....
    the old version is maded for BackTrack 4!! and Airdrop,DNSraep its not working in BackTrack 5 R1.....
    i made a modification in WiPhire script code and all of features of WiPhire is Working except.. MITM Attack...
    i think its not a hard work...but i am happy to share my changed version from me of WiPhire....
    Thank you.... p.s (if Airbomb its not working .... keep ur CSV and RULES file and open the terminal and type :
    airdrop-ng -i mon0 -t /root/Desktop/capturecsv-01.csv -r /root/Desktop/rules and follow the screen instructions...) sorry for my bad english..
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    Default Re: WiPhire (Modified for BackTrack 5R1)

    First of all it is preferable to post the source code of the file if possible and second try using another download link, upload it on Google Code.
    As I can read honestly I can't make of anything from your tool description, you just "presume" that it's so popular that everyone knows about it. I would recommend to also make a description of the tool, maybe some screenshots, add some pros to it, etc.

    Leave a note on my profile when you have everything sorted and I will reopen the thread so you can edit it.
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