Hey Guys

I'm just having a little problem completing my wireless pass cracking..Though I don't know how to open up a new window ,,
you know .. some steps and commands to crack a password require completing work in a new window

I downloaded the program here from the site , so .. Trusted source and download

BT5 R1 Gnome burnt it on a DVD and Booted Successfully
but .. no mouse and no options seem to appear at the top of the windows
and I don't Know if there's a command , or a keyboard shortcut to open a new window

How can i do that ? or is there a way or an option to choose to let the mouse or the options at the top appeare
or is there another way like a keyboard shortcut or a command to open a new window

sorry for talking too much
I hope you can help me sonn though the program is running on the laptop

Thanks in advance