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    Hello guys. It's my first post here and it is because i'm facing some issues with bluediving i can't seem to get past. I'm using a Fujitsu Lifebook, dual-boot win7 and BT5 KDE x64. My bluetooth adapter is a simple Microsoft Bluetooth Adapter (found that from win7 device manager).
    My problem is that whenever i run bluediving and search for devices, it returns "Found 0 devices", even when my cell phone's right next to the laptop! Thing is that by using the hcitool command (hcitool scan) i can locate my cell and then can do "hcitool info", which returns the device's name, MAC and a bunch of info. Plus,whenever i choose to manually insert a device via MAC address in bluediving, i get an error and then program exits to shell.
    What i tried is manually overriding the search method used by bluediving from greenplaque to hcitool from the bluedivingNG.conf file located in /pentest/bluetooth/bluediving/ folder, which only resulted in the program crashing on each search for devices.

    I've got no idea why hcitool command finds every device around me but bluediving can't. And i can't find anyone out there with a similar problem, let alone a solution! It's like nobody's interested in bluetooth hacking.

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    The problem it's the general lack of bluetooth support on Ubuntu in general, on the old version it was ok, later with the new EDR high speed protocols the people from BlueZ made a real mess, and now getting bluetooth to work its a pain in the ass, like older adapters are plain dead or unrecognized.
    Like this bug reported here, this looks like my case as I can't find many folders,tried to reinstall using synaptics and no luck, so I'll go for compiling my own..

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