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Thread: Samsung N148 Plus Netbook failed to load BTK

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    Unhappy Samsung N148 Plus Netbook failed to load BTK

    Dear Mods and Experts.
    i am using BTK since long on my Compaq Presario and now my notebook dead. i bought a new Samsung N148 Plus netbook few days ago thinking of long hours back up. I tried many times to install BTK 4 and 5 on them but every time it boot with menu and then fail to start. i tired every options of that menu as i thought it may be due to my graphics not supported but i wonder what is the problem and is there any solution of it. and also i want to know from you that is BTK 3 can be installed on my poor Samsung if BTK 4 or 5 not possible as i don't have the image of BTK 3 now and it is very tough for me to download and give it a try with my dead slow Internet connection, i already tried two versions 4 and 5 and it took many days to download.

    Help Awaited.

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    Default Re: Samsung N148 Plus Netbook failed to load BTK

    Backtrack 4 and 3 are no longer supported, so you should stick to Backtrack 5 R1, also the problem as you said maybe in your video card. I would suggest you run it inside a VM.
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    Default Re: Samsung N148 Plus Netbook failed to load BTK

    You should be more specific while describing your problem... Just "failed to start" doesn't give any info that would help me to help you. Error messages are a good start.

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