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Thread: Metasploit not succesefull?

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    Default Metasploit not succesefull?

    Guys i get this output and when i type sessions i get "no active sessions".You think it was removed by Antivirus or OS its not compatible?!

    [*] Request received from[*] Encoding payload into vbs/javascript/html...[*] Sending exploit html/javascript to[*] Exe will be etMCE.exe and must be manually removed from the %TEMP% directory on the target.[*] Sending stage (752128 bytes) to  (i dont know what ip is this )
    Active sessions
    No active sessions.
    msf  exploit(ie_unsafe_scripting) >

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    Default Re: Metasploit not succesefull?

    What do you mean "(i dont know what ip is this )" ?
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