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Thread: Aircrack-ng improperly reading dictionary

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    Unhappy Aircrack-ng improperly reading dictionary

    so i had a 10.7 gig file which wasnt read at all. After a little research, i split the file into seven parts, each 1.6-1.7 gig large. the first one was read correctly and worked fine. the others all were read, i think, but when the crack actually started to run, instead of the usual pretty one line of each output (key, transient, master....) i saw three of each at least and the output wasnt staying in one place like aircrack usually does, but constantly adding more text to the console. i have NO idea why this would happen. is it the splitting program i used? (gsplit) a file problem? or anything else? please help. im using windows seven host, and BT5 R1 in vmware. my vmware settings are 4 gig of ram, 1 processor with 4 cores and 35 gig HD.

    update: I tried to replicate the bug to get a screenshot for posting, and it worked fine. I don't know if that means its gone for good, or some other weird thing just happened..... If someone else has had this problem and still has it,please let me know of fixes so that I wont have it again.
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