Hello All:

I tried searching for this topic, and was having trouble composing a search phrase that prodded the archives for related items - in fact, my searches came up 'zip', so here goes:

It would be difficult to overestimate just how green I am to Linux, and have just in the last few months gone back to Mac. Nonetheless, VMware Fusion is installed, the Ubuntu 64bit/BT5 ISO has been use to set up a virtual machine, 2.6.38 Linux headers have been generated, VWware Tools has been applied and activated. It was surprising just how incredibly difficult it was to get to this point, but without challenge, character cannot be forged, so there you go.

I have purchased an Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW USB Wireless Adapter, but that won't be here for awhile. B4 the McCarthy-esque questions regarding my purpose(s) surface: I am pursuing a masters in info sec / cissp certification; thanks for asking.

What's been happening since VMware Tools has been installed, is that the Ub/BT5 install has been interpreting my Early 2011 MBP built-in WiFi as being "Connected to wired network (IP:". this is the footer banner verbiage in the baseline screen of Wicd Network Manager. In the main body of the same Wicd window is the phrase, "No wireless networks found."

THAT's pretty interesting, given that i can browse from within Ub/BT5 using Firefox or Konqueror, and that I received an update notice in KDE and duly downloaded and installed said updates.

I guess the questions are:

1. What gives with the misapplication/misrepresentation/misidentification of the Mac built-in WiFi as a usable, wired device? (the virtual machine network device is "bridged", auto detect).

2. Is this going to give me a wall-slamming headache when I attempt to get the Alfa USB WiFi adapter working, or have any effect on that installation, either positive or negative?

MANY thanks in advance to all the very many folks that know so very much more than I do presently about this subject. And the hope that at least some of those will take mercy and swipe some crumbs of applicable knowledge off their table, and onto the floor where I can get at them. (O;

Best of all possible worlds,