Distro --> BT5R1 (Gnome)

I've a situation I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance on. With BT4R2 proxychains and firefox worked just fine together. This is not the case with BT5R1.

Last night I was attempting to use proxychains and firefox on this newest release of Backtrack when something strange happened. The command I used was
proxychains firefox
Instead of proxychains working inconjunction with firefox, it just launched firefox, that was it. No proxying of anytype occured.

I know what some of you are thinking, so let me disparge that falsehood right now. I am not using TOR.

I am using a proxy server out of Tampa for a company I am currently PenTesting for. Their firewall rules prevent access to the internal network unless you are within a certain IP address range. It just so happens that they have a very misconfigured proxy server that allows access to their internal networks. It is supposed to work inconjunction with their VPN as an "added" layer of security.

I've verified that proxychains WORKS because I am able to make connections using proxychains to the telnet/ftp/ssh servers they have running behind that firewall. The stage of the test I am currently on is trying to access their internal HTTP servers. I am able to receive output via curl and wget through the use of proxychains inconjunction with telnet/ftp/ssh, however active webbrowsing is not available to me because of the error I am having with proxychains + firefox.

I'm betting on the fact that perhaps the way in which firefox is installed or the version of firefox (5.0.1 I believe) has something to do with this whole error. I will test this tonight and report back.

Does anyone else have suggestions?

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