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Thread: Greetings with a question! BT5 10.04 to 11.04

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    Cool Greetings with a question! BT5 10.04 to 11.04

    (Skip your reading to "My question is :" to save you some time. I'm really just hyped up about BT5)

    Dear BT Forum users,
    I'm Dunk, the new newbie on the forum. I would just like to start off with a big thanks to the BackTrack Team and to everyone involved in the development and releases of this wonderful "OS" and everything in relation to it. Computer and Internet security has always been a subject of interest for me and I'm really glad to see such effort put in a free OS for the whole world to use.

    Ok, so now..

    I surfed the web a bit in search of answers for this probably totally "newbie" question. I used to boot BT4 live but i got only compatibility issues so I waited and since the release of BT5 I realised it's now 100% compatible so I decided to install it to my hard drive so I can then completely customize it to maybe create my own boot disc in the near future.

    My question is :

    I know how to upgrade Ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 then 11.04 but will upgrading cause any issues at all? I guess it's simply a state of mind but i get the need to be at the latest release of Ubuntu. I haven't even read the change log I don't even know If I need to but just to keep up to date I would love to upgrade BT5 to 11.04.

    Oh and if this question was posted and answered already I apologize

    Thank you for any replies,

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    Default Re: Greetings with a question! BT5 10.04 to 11.04

    Backtrack5 is based on Ubuntu 10.04 that doesn't make it Ubuntu. It uses a different kernel as well as different tools.
    Also if you choose to include Ubuntu repositories in Backtrack you are on your own, we do not support such a thing.
    Back|track giving machine guns to monkeys since 2007 !

    Do not read the Wiki, most your questions will not be answered there !
    Do not take a look at the: Forum Rules !

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