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Thread: wlan probs

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    Default wlan probs

    i have got an prblem with my wlan connection.
    the command iwlist eth1 scan shows the AP correctly and i have if i open the wireless assistant full signal strengh.
    but when i click connect it takes a while and then the message coulnd connect apperars.
    can some body pls help me?
    what am i doing worng?
    i have broadcom 4311 in an hp nx 7400 notebook.

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    its the wlan assistant giving you wrong signal strengths, wlan assistant does it with ipw3945 too, hence there is nothing wrong with your broadcom.

    There many be many reasons for you connection problem such as:

    1) You are too far from the AP.

    2) The AP is encrypted with WEP/WPA/WPA2 and you didn't enter the key or passphrase.

    3) Mac filtering is on.


    1) Get close to the AP or buy a more powerful card - i.e Senao 2511CD PLUS EXT 2

    2)You need to enter the WEP key when wlan assistant asks you. If the AP have a WPA/WPA2 encryption then wlan assistant can't be use to connect you to the AP because it only supports WEP; hence follow Xploitz tutorials to help you connect you with WPA/WPA2.

    3) If mac filtering is on then you need to register you broadcom's mac to your AP list of mac or disable the mac filtering.

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    Senao 2511CD PLUS EXT 2 is a great card. I would highly recomend it.

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