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Thread: Backtrack Linux Distro

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    Default Backtrack Linux Distro

    Which distro is Backtrack based on? I have read Ubuntu but when booting it show Debian. Just curious as to which I should select in VMWare when installing it as a VM. I prefer to set up my own from a full iso rather than download the VMWare iso. Also based on which distro does anyone have a good reference for commands. I have worked with Suse and CentOS (RH) for years and am familiar with their commands but a lot of them don't work with Backtrack (Ubuntu or Debian). Especially Yum or Yast, I know BT equivalent is apt-get but I am looking for a good resource of commands and explanations. I have use help a little there does not appear to be man pages.


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    Backtrack 5 is based on Ubuntu 10.04
    Back|track giving machine guns to monkeys since 2007 !

    Do not read the Wiki, most your questions will not be answered there !
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