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Thread: Beguiner - Problems with install

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    Default Beguiner - Problems with install


    I'm trying to install BackTrack5 in a windows7 dual boot.

    When I'm doing the installation in step 4 I have this message: "your installation medium is on dev/sda3. You will not be able to create, delete, or resize partitions on this disk, but you may be able to install to existing partitions there"

    What I have:

    Device Type Size used
    /dev/sda1 ntfs 15429MB 14666MB
    /dev/sda2 ntfs 104MB 35MB
    /dev/sad3 ntfs 169998MB unknown (about 99000MB)
    /dev/sad4 ntfs 314571MB 175916MB

    When I select sad3 ou sad4 I get the message: No root file system is defined

    What I' missing?

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Beguiner - Problems with install

    According to this info, you have 4 partitions. You would have to shrink any of the partitions.

    Open a terminal and type gparted...If gparted is not onto BT5 DVD live, then you will have to download it and burn it in a CD and reboot with it.

    Go to those partitions or the one you want to install BT5 on, format the partition and use an ext4 filesystem, or you can shrink the partition where you want to install BT5, and format it with ext4 filesystem. Also you need a small space for swap partition (about 1 or 2 gb). You will have to creat it, same thing.

    Apply changes and then reboot with BT5.

    Then try to make "manual installation"...

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    Default Re: Beguiner - Problems with install

    Ok, now I have 2 more partitions and then I got in step 7 an error:

    Failled to unmount partions
    The installer needs to commit changes to partition tables but can not do so because on the following mount points could not be unmounted: /cdrom
    Please close any application using these mount points.

    What could be?

    thanks again

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