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Thread: Maybe I'm asking this question wrong

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    Default Maybe I'm asking this question wrong

    I understand why threads are closed but the response I'm getting isn't really answering my question.

    I've been asking if there is a way to tell the version of Backtrack I'm on, 4, 5, 5 R1...etc. I keep getting referred to 'man uname' which makes sense to check kernel version, but my question is whether the kernel version dictates the Backtrack there a direct correlation? The second part of that question was if apt-get update && apt-get upgrade was the proper method to upgrade from 5 to 5 R1 and if so is that also the method to upgrade from 4 to 5 R1? Or is it preferred that you do a fresh install for one or both types of upgrades? I hope I'm not asking too much and based on my first thread I think others want to know these answers as well. I've looked everywhere and can't find a clear answer on these. Thank again in advance and sorry for the multiple threads....I wouldn't be creating new threads but my previous ones keep getting closed.

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    1. This is the last time, uname gives you the kernel version which also tells you the version of Backtrack you have installed.
    2. You can not upgrade from BT4 to BT5.
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