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Thread: BT5R1 won't boot from dvd

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    Default BT5R1 won't boot from dvd

    I have downloaded the BT5R1-KDE-32 torrent, and used md5summer to check it w no errors. I've burned 2 iso images which I also checked w md5summer w no errors, one w the burner in windows 7 and one w astroburn lite. I'm using verbatim dvd+r dl media that was made in singapore, which is supposed to be good media. I installed a program from the ubuntu installation disc that makes it easier to boot from a cd. And I've searched these forums, and didn't find anything. I tried to download directly from the site, but my connection isn't good. I can try it w a 4 gig usb stick and unetbootin if someone thinks it would work? Or point me towards the thread w the answer? I'm going through the "If you are new to Back Track or Linux read this thread" stuff now, so I apologize if I'm missing something obvious. I'm just getting started, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    Default Re: BT5R1 won't boot from dvd

    Check your BIOS to make sure its set to boot to DVD first. Also if you burn a DVD at a faster speed than another drive can read it will not be able to read the disc.

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    Default Re: BT5R1 won't boot from dvd

    Thanks a lot hhmatt, that fixed it. I'm sorry it wasn't a bt issue. I tried to get into the bios a few times before, but it went by so fast it seemed like it wasn't letting me get in there. I found help easily with your answer though. I'm on a new OS too, so I was a little overwhelmed w everything. I successfully used aircrack yesterday on my old 2wire. What a great tool. I'm looking into taking the training for the bt certificates. Thanks to everyone for the software and forum.

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