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Thread: Updating the kernel...

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    Default Updating the kernel...

    Hi there!
    Just a quick question...
    I know how to compile a kernel (i'm able to follow a guide...), but i couldn't find the patches and the .config of the actual bt5r1.
    I've found the kernel-sources,but not the patches applyed by the bt5 team.

    Any idea?

    PS: I would try to compile an updated kernel 3.0 and try to see if bluetooth is now working (yep,it seems that in kernel 3.0 it's fixed) plus some minor optimization for my system.

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    Default Re: Updating the kernel...

    Ok,got 3.0.3 up and running, but without bt5r1 seems to work, but i would try to apply patches from bt5r1.
    Any idea where to get them?

    Many thanks!

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