Hey guys,

fairly new to BT, and I'm running into a bit of a sticking point understanding the update process for BT. Followed the procedure of searching here, and I seem have ended up with a lot of bits and pieces, and am just having trouble putting them together...

uname -a
Linux bt #1 SMP Sun Nov 14 06:32:36 EST 2010 i686 GNU/Linux

cat /etc/issue
BackTrack 4 R2 Codename Nemesis \n \l

Running off of HDD Dual Boot (Windows 7)

When I run apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade, it checks my sources, and says everything is kosher. Of course, upon inspection, I can see I am still running BT4 R2 (pwnsauce).

When I checked my sources.list, I see only the archive.offensive-security repository listed, which, when I examine that repo by hand, does in fact match. What sources do I need to add to bump myself to BT 5 R1? I have seen mention of all.backtrack-linux.org in places, but would this be correct?

Or am I totally off base with this? I'm not adverse to blowing the install away, but I think there will be greater learning in understanding the current issue I'm having.

TIA for any hints/guidance.