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Thread: freezing while installing the BT5-KDE-64

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    Default freezing while installing the BT5-KDE-64


    I used Virtualbox version 4.0.8_OSE on my lenovo laptop (O.S Pardus 2011 - linux) to install the backtrack 5.

    i used the iso which located on a folder to run the backtrack. and it works.
    When i tried to click on, it just open the dialogbox (first step out of 7), in order to choose the first the language.

    when i click on forward, it just freeze without moving to the next step.

    Can anyone please advise how to proceed or how to solve this matter?

    appreciate any feedback.


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    Default Re: freezing while installing the BT5-KDE-64

    Have you checked the md5sum ?
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    Default Re: freezing while installing the BT5-KDE-64

    yeh, i have checked the md5sum.
    i even downloaded it from main Backtrack website.



    I download the BT5 R1 and it work very fine.
    Thanks a lot for your help
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